Nearly two out of three Americans are afflicted with insomnia and other sleep disorders. In Chinese Medicine, nighttime is considered yin time – the time when your body takes care of tself instead of your desires.

Sleep is the body’s restoration medicine. Without a good night’s sleep it’s very difficult to function day in and day out. And these days we all seem to be under so much stress that it is negatively impacting our sleep, which in turn is impacting our health more and more. Sleep is a critical time for the proper functioning of organs as well (such as the liver, which performs most of its detoxification at night while you are sleeping.)

Insomnia is usually a part of a pattern of imbalances. Excessive worry, anxiety and depression all negatively affect the delicate balance of the liver, spleen, and heart, disturbing the spirit and activating the mind. Once the mind is overactive, it becomes increasingly difficult to fall asleep. However, when the mind is quiet the body can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Treatable Condition - 4.2

Insomnia is one of the most common conditions we see. Acupuncture alone, or in conjunction with Chinese herbal medicine, is very beneficial in restoring good sleep patterns. One new product that we recommend is the iSleep Herb Pac. The iSleep formula is based on a Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal combination that has been used for generations and proven effective by many clinical studies. The iSleep Herb Pac is made with a special patented process of cooking and drying 100% all-natural Chinese herbs. And it is easy to use – just mix in water and drink as a tea. iSleep users wake up feeling alert with no signs of grogginess and it’s non-habit forming.

There are many solutions that we can discuss to help you achieve a deep, restful night of sleep. To learn more give us a call today so we can help your body achieve its natural balance tomorrow!